October/December 2015 :: gigs

17/10 – Centro culturale Aldo Moro – San Salvo (CH)
23/10 – 45giri live club – Giulianova (TE)
25/10 – CSOA Scuria – Foggia (FG)
26/10 – Cavanbah – Bari (BA)
28/10 – Bottega del luppolo – Altamura (BA)
29/10 – Public House – Fisciano (SA)
30/10 – Officine Tarantine – Taranto (TA)
31/10 – Al Varco – Tramutola (PZ)
05/11 – Namasté – Pescara (PE)
07/11 – Rock Contest Controradio – Firenze (FI)
11/12 – Fuorimano – Monopoli (BA)
12/12 – Rifrullo – Eboli (NA)
12/13 – Porta Grande – Putignano (BA)

August 2015 :: Lilia :: Live in Clepsydra

9 agosto-
Quarto Vuoto– Montenero di Bisaccia (CB)
17 agosto-
Metaponto Beach Festival (opening act- A Toys Orchestra)
19 agosto- Country Cafè- Villa Baldassarri (LE)
20 agosto- Civico Tredici– Torre Santa Susanna (BR)
21 agosto- Il Giardino del Fòllaro– Giuggianello (LE)
22 agosto- Masseria Miele CircoloArci– Lecce
27 agosto- White Cafè Potenza
28 agosto- Piccolo Rebel Bar– Torre dell’Orso (LE)
29 agosto- Al verde – Circolo ARCI– Bernalda (MT)

The Game, official video

“The Game” unravels a story of bitter-sweet memories, regrets, and unfinished love bonds. Two lovers, once deeply connected and now estranged creatures, are shown in different moments of their lives; whilst still together, they are not what they used to be. Something has come to change them. We see the two young lovers in their prime, and right after, in their sudden twilight, as their tale unfolds in binaries, through a revolving door, on two parallel streams. The feeling that bought them together and sheltered them from the outside world has all but vanished and they are now alone together. The only thing left is a memory, the recurrence of what made their love unique: the game they used to hate.